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iDream Ice-Cream iScream

Length: 142 pages50 minutes


Shhh... Can you hear it?
There’s a rustling in the undergrowth.

Can you see it now?
Somehow familiar yet... it’s long and sinuous and menacing.
Strange... it looks like a poem... but it’s alive – it bites.

Enjoy the whimsy while you can. Innocence doesn’t last.

Meet a few of the cast:

Scarface – a gangster who knits scarves
Marsha – a marshal partial to martial arts
Weeny Todd the Barber – let’s just say he has an edge

A couple of dogs :
Jack (the Ripper) – a bitter splitter of hares
Hooch – a duty-free spirit
Some tasty Welsh rabbits
A bee with a lisp

And devils...
...oh yes, the devils.

A simple night’s sleep. Just the usual movements and sounds outside. The sleeper dreams...

Enter his dream... a narrative in which a world of menace – natural, supernatural and unnatural – gradually unfolds within a whimsical stream of (often distorted or inverted) events and references.

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