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Restoration is usually a topic that is tackled by church leaders in front of their congregations. Today on television, we are served with several church leaders whom do not seem to agree on everything despite them claiming that they pray the same God (Jesus-Christ). They however agree on restoration of individuals, non-Christians and Christians alike need to be restored at one point or another in their life. A faith boost if we may say. The problem non-Christians or should we say non-church goers face is that they are not exposed to preaching’s, not exposed to the support system a church may have in place. So how do we expect them to partake in restoration? How do we expect them to even know what it is all about? These are two very important points that most overlook... but we are glad that today, a novel has been unveiled and it takes in consideration that not everyone knows or has been exposed to restoration. It does not finger point nor judge anyone. It is indeed a Kajomona experience!

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