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Cycling Widows

Length: 121 pages1 hour


Lifting the Veil
on Living with an Obsessive Cyclist
Are you a cyclist in denial of your addiction to the sport?
Or the long-suffering spouse of an obsessive bike-freak?
Either way, you need to read this!
In the cycling world, the term 'Cycling Widow' has long been used to describe the spouse of someone with OCD (Obsessive Cycling Disorder). All across the globe, these women live a lonely life in the shadow of this affliction.

Until now, the world of the Cycling Widow has remained shrouded in secrecy. But, here, the author lifts the veil to candidly reveal the trials, tribulations, highs and lows of living with a cyclomaniac.
Written by a long-suffering Cycling Widow, this satirical look at cycling might just save a few marriages – as well as many a bike from being fed into the garden mulcher.

Includes a handy test to find out - for once & for all - whether it really is a case of 'hobby or obsession'!

Chapter titles include: Twiddling my Widowy Thumbs; Life in the Spin Cycle Lane; The Ultimate Aphrodisiac; Going for a Fitter Model; An Insatiable Appetite; and Lying in a Ditch.


Here are just a few of the author's infamous 'faux reviews' of the spurious kind for Cycling Widows...

I might have won six or seven Tours de France — or is it eight? — but that doesn't make me completely unsympathetic to my other half. I've promised her I will give up cycling for good as soon as I've won my tenth Tour. In the meantime, I've left her at home with a copy of Cycling Widows — highly recommended.

My wife always used to keep a picture of me in her wallet. Not because she was romantic or anything — just so she could remember what I looked like when I finally turned up after a season's racing. Thanks to Cycling Widows, we can laugh about it all now.

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