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The Long Fall Into Midnight Vol 1

Length: 122 pages1 hour


From the author of ASYLUM and THE COLLECTION comes this collection of five short horror stories.

THE HANGING TREE: When three boys from different backgrounds find a tree with a sordid history they learn that some trees have deep roots and mistakes of the past sometimes collide with mistakes of the present.

DARK ON THE WATER: A man returns to his lake home two years after the death of his wife. But something waits beyond the painful memories of the house and beneath the smooth surface of the water; something born of love, but corrupted by darkness.

HIS DEVIL: A boy’s family is shaken up the night his father mysteriously abandons him and his sisters. They make a life without a father and husband until the night he returns home with a creature after him. A creature far more evil than his father ever had been. The boy learns he must grow up quick if he is going to save his family.

IN THE PIT: Samuel is a prisoner, innocent to some, guilty to others. But his prison is different than any other. Here the dead have a habit of coming back to life, madness is just around the corner, and the only real escape is into hell itself.

SIEGE OF THE BONE CHILDREN: When a man looses everything, sometimes he retreats behind walls to keep out all the bad. He soon realizes sometimes you have to leave a door for the good.

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