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The Brood: The Prophecy

Length: 98 pages1 hour


"Quickly, there isn't much time left before the caravan arrives. They will take you and the boys to safety far away from here."

Irena glanced out into the chilly night, thankful that the thick clouds masked the bright full moon. Tonight she would need darkness to protect her and her family. And darkness suited her. It was with a heavy heart that she would leave this place. Her surrogate home.

"You have been more than generous to us so far, Great One, and I am forever grateful. But must we leave?"

She held her breath as the old man gazed upon her with warmth. They had taken her in here when no one else dared. They had provided a safe haven for her delivery and a peaceful period of time with her sons. She put them in danger by staying. Still she could barely stand to go.

"It is said your son will bring unprecedented change to the Tiger clan. And even though they may deny the truth to this prophecy, they hunt for your boys even now. They seek to destroy the possibility, to protect their way of life. The temple is no longer safe."

She sighed, her heart weary.

"But is there no way to prevent those events from materializing? Will I ever be able to roam amongst my family again?"

The man simply patted her hand with a soft, gentle touch as the last of her belongings were brought to the steps. He spoke with a seriousness that could not be masked by his tender tone.

"I'm afraid not, my child. You gave birth here to protect yourself and your children. In doing so, you've set the pendulum in motion. Alexei has already begun to fulfill his destiny."

They glanced towards the temple floor where two tiny kittens, one black and one striped circled the space. The leopard looked wary, having been wounded by the tiger's sharp claws once already.

"Your son has marked a leopard as his future mate. One day, Irena, he will return to claim her. I cannot predict how or when that day will arrive or even if he will realize his fate by then or not, but he will come back. And together they will fulfill this prophecy."

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