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Like A Roaring Lion

Length: 169 pages2 hours


In the first novel of the series, Inez Reilly brought you COVENANT, a fiction escapade about a circle of family and friends held together through loyalty to God. In the sequel, LIKE A ROARING LION, Inez introduces you to a family who thinks they are gods!

In LIKE A ROADING LION, the daughter of a prominent pastor is found dead and authorities target one person of interest. A father’s anguished soul is disquieted and he wants revenge. Kenneth Young cannot shake precious Jacqueline’s death, believing it has everything to do with association with the Wells’ family. He will stop at nothing to vanquish the enemy.

LIKE A ROARING LION will challenge your sense of principles. It will impassion you, as the mystery of Jacqueline’s death unfolds. Taboo thoughts unleash protective fury in a who-done-it journey across the delicate lines between interpretation of good and evil.

Come and walk in the secret lives of the Wells and Young families. Leave judgments behind and understand we all have issues, even if they cannot be seen. As the old saying goes, “Look beyond the fault and see the need.” It’s an unforgettable story of what people are willing to do for love and hate of people and God.

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