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Saving the World

Length: 518 pages11 hours


Dealing in an accessible and humorous way with major topics of concern today (the failures of our economic system, media monopolies and materialism), 'Saving the World' has been praised by academics (Prof. Bruce K. Alexander - 'Dangerous to the status quo. It offers people a glimpse of hope.' and Prof. Gregor Gall - 'An avid social observer, Swanepoel mixes Naomi Klein and Michael Moore with Brookmyre and Banks') and in numerous publications, including Resurgence magazine: 'A delicious mixture of messianic message, wicked satire, sweet romance and utter hilarity'.

'Business as Unusual' meets 'The World According to Garp' and 'Adrian Mole' meets 'No Logo' as 'Saving the World' charts the progress of Nathaniel Papulous from a dysfunctional childhood in English suburbia to the frontlines of the battle against the global tyranny of the transnational corporations.

Driven by a desire to win the affections of Rosemary, his childhood dream girl, and an obsession with modelling the ageing process on computer, things often go wrong for Nathaniel, but he makes it in the end, founding the International Hope-ist Movement and bringing Bear Mudrock, ruthless media tycoon, and Tyrone Silversmith, manipulative pharmaceuticals boss, to their knees. Along the way he faces many temptations and distractions, develops an interest in Pre-Raphaelite art and a passion for Scottish traditional music, and undergoes extensive plastic surgery. Ultimately he discovers what really matters in life... and saves the world.


*The machinations of global corporations in their quest to maximise profit and obey the diktats of market forces, regardless of harm to people and the environment.

*How the above may be overcome - detailed strategy.

*The destructive effect of poverty and injustice on the human spirit and body.

*The power of advertising and the media.

*The exploitation of and fostering of women's insecurities by the so-called beauty industry.

*The vulnerability of the human conscience.

*The power and nature of love - requited and unrequited.

*The importance of music and a sense of community.

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