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Length: 453 pages6 hours


It is the very near future. When men of the B-positive blood type begin to turn into reptilian creatures with the ability to fly, the world's population panics. Suddenly, all males born of the tainted blood type are feared. They are given an island, one where they are sent at the age of 30, one year before the change. Meanwhile, nobody knows why this is happening and why only males are affected.

When Vic and Peter Casey decide to keep their child, 95% of the world free of the B-poisitive antigen, or the Percentile, are dismayed by their "selfish" decision. Milo is born unwelcome by the Percentile. When he learns of the reasons, he sets out to understand why he will change at age 31 and, if possible, find a way to stop it from happening at all. The iron fist of the Percentile must contend with a large and growing underground force dead-set on the elimination of damning B-positive doctrines, leading Milo through a series of trials he truly never invited and the world through a gauntlet it is not prepared to embrace.

Strange footprints are marked and landscapes are unevenly shaped in this, the first of three parts.

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