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A Hex Returns To Rynia, Book Three of the Sons of Rynia Trilogy

Length: 466 pages6 hours


Tsurtor has invaded Rynia and scattered its protectors to other kingdoms and other worlds. From the first volume (A Hex to Save Rynia) to the second (A Hex Beyond Rynia), the Sons of Rynia trilogy has begun.

Tsurtor has beaten Rynia with weapons of magic from one world and technology from another, with tanks and rock giants and undeniable supremacy. Now, in A Hex Returns to Rynia (the third and final volume of the Sons of Rynia trilogy), the remaining heroes must assemble a force strong enough to defeat Tsurtor.

But where will this force originate? Will it come from Earth, where a strange Traveler has put an impossible gambit into motion? Will it come from Vincent, the world’s youngest magician now twisted by Tsurtor? Will it come from a desperate resistance force rising up from the ashes of the old kingdom? Or will it come from the last of the dragons, the last of the dwarves, or the impossible magic of an out of control wizard?

In Rynia, the impossible is commonplace. And the final, impossible pieces will fall into place with A Hex Returns to Rynia.

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