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Horror 1: Prayer To The Dead

37 pages21 minutes


1. Introduction
This is the first in my Horror Series. If you liked this story or its sample, you can find the complete collection containing the first four stories in "Horror: The Collection by Kenneth Guthrie" at your favorite e-vendor.

2. Promotional Story Included
This e-book contains a free promotional story from my Tank Science Fiction Series, Tank: Future Forces. It is 2,500 words in length.

3. Description
Death in the night. Warm redness fills the hot summer air with a trickle of dew like droplets of life ended early. The screams will burn the air as the monster we all fear comes into the light for one brief taste of the agony of life. Things have gone very, very wrong. In the end, only one will survive, but who and how? "Thrillingly mysterious. Max the hurt."

4. Notes
- Killer vs. Priest + Choir
- Sins
- Killing all
- The hunter
- Cops
- Death

5. This series includes
# Horror 1: Prayer To The Dead (#1 Short Story)
# Horror 2: Party Animal (#2 Short Story)
# Prayer To The Dead and Party Animal (Combined Story Pack)
# Horror 3: Animals (#3 Short Story)
# Horror 4: Open Season (#4 Short Story)
# Horror: 3 and 4 (Combined Story Pack)
# Horror: 1 to 4 (Horror 1 to 4)

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