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Night of the Dragon

Length: 196 pages3 hours


“Superb...don’t miss this funny, sexy romp back in time to Camelot. A definite keeper!” Donna Fletcher, USA Today bestselling historical romance author. Romantic Times calls this PARANORMAL, TIME TRAVEL ROMANCE “irresistible,” and S. Fortune calls it, “the most delightful time travel I’ve ever read.” Lydia Star, whose fiancé had jilted her via phone, pulls up stakes and heads to California where a fresh start awaits her as the new owner of Once Upon a Time bookstore.

When she discovers an ancient book with a ruby ring in the spine, Lydia never imagines what awaits her. Catapulted through space and time, she finds herself doing battle against a fire-breathing dragon with the Swiss Army knife in her backpack, and then held captive in a castle in Camelot. Not to mention that she’s being watched over by a tame wolf and a dangerously sexy knight from King Arthur’s Round table. What’s a girl to do but demand he return her Victoria’s Secret underwear?

Convinced the beautiful woman held captive in his bed is a witch, Dragon sets out to protect his King by taming the wild wench and discovering her secrets. But she refuses to be tamed, no matter how big the knight’s sword. Furthermore, that strange little card in her backpack that she calls a driver’s license is irrefutable evidence that he is falling in love with a woman from another century, a woman who possesses knowledge that can change the course of history. How can he protect her and still uphold a knight’s sworn duty to his king?

When Dragon seeks the counsel of the famous wizard, Merlin warns Lydia the dangers of revealing what she knows about Camelot’s future. But he doesn’t warn her of the dangers of trying to blend into a century whose culture is foreign to her, of falling in love with a man she can never have. Can Lydia and Dragon find a way for their love to transcend time?

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