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All The Little Pieces

Length: 404 pages6 hours


Having barely survived a car accident two years ago, fashion magazine editor Lauren Tinsdale can’t remember her past. Ray Butler, the new man in her life, would give anything to forget his.

Ray, a roguishly handsome divorce attorney, is just as successful at dismantling other people’s relationships as he is inept at maintaining his own. Six years ago he made a mistake that claimed the life of his fiancée and will forever haunt two strangers, and he has never has been able to forgive himself. Unfortunately for Ray, Lauren is as infuriatingly obstinate as she is seductive. No matter how many times he tries to convince her it would never work—he’s a decade her senior, abrasively rough around the edges and, worse, a republican—he always ends up wondering if she might the one to restore his faith in love.

Ray knows, however, that if he does succumb to the temptation, Lauren will eventually find out she was there the day his life changed forever. Not only will the worst thing he ever did forever define him in her memory, he’ll assuredly drown anew in the loss he suffered all those years ago. The only way to protect them both is to walk away, but it’s a feat made nearly impossible by her ability to adore the man he is behind the emotional scars.

When the truth finally comes to light at the most inopportune moment, so many nagging questions are answered, yet two remain. Will Ray ever be able to find redemption for a lifetime of hurting those he loves and, perhaps more importantly, now he has broken Lauren’s heart, will she still be able to love him with all the little pieces?

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