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What A Catch

Length: 476 pages7 hours


At the top of his game, professional athlete Scott Miller may be the catch of a lifetime, but can his new girlfriend, Alyssa Reid, survive the dating big leagues? Working as a media relations correspondent for the Centers for Disease Control, Alyssa sees her name in print far too often for her own comfort. The last thing the bewitchingly witty, but self-conscious, blonde wants is more time in the spotlight. When she captures the affections of superstar New York Highlander third baseman Scott Miller, however, the inordinate amount of attention she garners from the media is the least of her concerns. Scott's ex-wife declares war as she believes Alyssa is the reason her previously faithful husband filed for divorce, his kids somehow simultaneously adore and abhor their father's new flame, and Alyssa's flirtatious relationship with Scott's best friend raises more than a few eyebrows. Despite Scott being an all-around good guy with ineffable good looks, the incessant drama and innumerable lonely nights make Alyssa wonder if she also sold her soul the the devil when she sold her San Diego beach bungalow for a miniature Manhattan walk-up and a chance at happily ever after. Just when she thinks she's learned how to balance her world, always threatening to wobble out of control, one weekend changes everything. Not only does the girl who can spin any story learn Scott is disturbingly close to an ex-girlfriend, she discovers Scott's friends and teammates are all equally adept at spinning the truth when it comes time to cover for one of their own. Perhaps it's time to admit to herself what everyone has been telling her for months: she is out of her league.

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