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The Sutter School for Boys: King of the Queens

Length: 41 pages40 minutes


Welcome to the Sutter School for Boys, an elite private school that provides almost no opportunity for coed socialization. Eight months out of the year, the boys of Sutter live on campus with no one but each other to entertain them.

When Zack Milton's best friend Dane Reese stands up to the school bully, Kirk, at breakfast, everyone knows it's going to end badly. No one is more shocked than Zack to find himself trapped in a bathroom stall, a silent witness to one of the most shocking situations he's ever seen. Kirk and his guys are about to gang up on Dane, and they're planning to do more than just kick his ass.

Zack can't believe what he's seeing, can't believe that his best friend is just going to stand there and let the school bullies violate him, but what's even more confusing is how much it turns Zack on seeing two guys go at it. He knows he's not gay; he likes girls a lot, but in the silent, guilty aftermath of what he's witnessed, he can't deny the most intense orgasm he's ever known. Before he confronts Dane and confesses what he saw, Zack needs to figure out why Dane didn't fight back.

Will discovering Dane's darkest secret change the way Zack sees his best friend forever? And how will he ever come to terms with his own mixed emotions now that he's had a glimpse at the temptation of forbidden fruit?

The Sutter School for Boys: King of the Queens contains graphic sexual situations that may not be suitable for some readers. All characters portrayed in this story are eighteen years of age or older.

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