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If you would like to buy them inside a collection of works, you might want to check out Horror: The Collection (4 stories total.) This pair of stories are about 3600 words total.

Horror 1: Prayer To The Dead.
Death in the night. Warm redness fills the hot summer air with a trickle of dew like droplets of life ended early. The screams will burn the air as the monster we all fear comes into the light for one brief taste of the agony of life. Things have gone very, very wrong. In the end, only one will survive, but who and how? "Thrillingly mysterious. Max the hurt."


Horror 2: Party Animal.
Warm air, blissful sunny days: The epitome of a dream summer. However, bloodlust stalks the summer nights. Death awaits and sins are punished while drawing others to the lamp of death awaiting all-soon-to-be wingless creatures in the endless night. Monstrous and punishing the sinner does not escape his sin, but who and how? In this lies the mystery. "Ravaging beyond belief - this is hell."

Published: Lunatic Ink Publishing on
ISBN: 9781465970145
List price: $2.99
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