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Helping Kismet

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Ciji Fay never had a problem with taking the difficult assignments, so when her job at the UN sent her to Saudi Arabia to audit a charity foundation, she fully intended to immerse herself in the culture and the history of the amazing country. She never thought she would be in the midst of danger and running for her life. The numbers were wrong, and some very important people now wanted her dead. When she was pulled into a shop in the middle of the marketplace, Ciji looked into the eyes of her savior, Layth Ghassan. He was a prince and a soldier who walked in both worlds. He took it upon himself to protect her and get her to safety behind his castle walls. There he could get her passage back to London. In the midst of danger, Layth whispered all the words she wanted to hear, and the chemistry between then was as hot as the desert sun. She could feel herself falling for this brave warrior, but the differences between them seemed overwhelming. Was it kismet that put them on a collision path into each other’s lives? Or would she be dealt a bad hand by fate and walk away with her heart broken by a prince of the sands?

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