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Mya doesn't feel very married, but why should she? She didn't have a real wedding, no one calls her Mrs. Shelby, and she doesn't even have a wedding ring. So when she believes her guardian angel and new husband, Pershabael, has stood her up on her birthday, she accepts an invitation from the dark angel, Mazriel, to join him for the evening. Consequently, she gets his assistant and live-in lover fired and thrown out of his penthouse by encouraging her to disobey him. Turning to the only kind person she's ever met, Jennifer Davidson contacts Mya for help smoothing Maz's ruffled feathers, but Mya soon discovers Mazriel has wielded his corrupting influence on her the same way he once influenced Mya. Joining forces with Pershabael and Jennifer's own guardian angel, Daniel, Mya works to undo Mazriel's hold on Jennifer, all the while giving moral support to the overwhelmed, wedding-planning Mercedes, dealing with the throng of female admirers Percy's acquired through his new job as a waiter, and struggling to come to terms with the possibility she just may still have romantic feelings for Mazriel.

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