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Calling All Men: How to Slay Your Inner Princess, Nineteen Ways to Man Up

Length: 79 pages43 minutes


Guaranteed to make you laugh until you puke your stomach lining out your nose, get ready to rip the diamond and emerald studded tiara, sun umbrella and pink bunny slippers out of your arse forever!

Welcome to the Man-defining book that asks the most daunting of all questions in the age of the non-male, completely confused, what the hell am I world...where have all the real men gone?

Calling All Men, How to Slay Your Inner Princess, Nineteen Ways to Man UP, is a little book filled with priceless sarcastic humor that takes aim at how emasculated men have become in our modern society and just happens to also have a profound sprinkling of timeless wisdom about how to show up as an authentic man.

Kent Rodgers is both comic genius and Man-Sage who can help you to discover your testes again in the era of the Metro-sexual, Manties and avocado,Amazon monkey stuff facials.

Get ready gentlemen, this is one hell of a ride, and ladies, you will want a copy for every single girlfriend on your speed dial!

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