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Product Launch 123: Launch a New Product or Service in 3 Proven Steps

Length: 57 pages1 hour


Product Launch 123: Launch a Product or Service in 3 Proven Steps is an authoritative eGuide that helps small businesses with new products and services launch them with minimum risk.

The eGuide focuses on a proven 3-step process that explains how product inventors and developers can (1) research and uncover markets for their products, (2) create and market test a working prototype, and (3) create a launch plan that successfully brings the product to market. Specific tactics and techniques and a wealth of additional resources are included. Written clearly and concisely, Product Launch 123 is a “quick start” guide to launching your product or service.

Product Launch 123 was written by Barry Silverstein. During his thirty year career in brand marketing, Silverstein has helped companies large and small launch scores of products and services.

Product Launch 123 is the second in a new series of 123 eGuides. The first 123 eGuide is Branding 123: Build a Breakthrough Brand in 3 Proven Steps. 123 eGuides are designed for today’s reader who wants information in a quick, convenient, easily readable format. Each 123 eGuide is intended to provide a functional overview rather than a detailed roadmap. Every 123 eGuide always includes additional resources if the reader wants to learn more. 123 eGuides are being published exclusively as eBooks and will be priced at $2.99 each to provide maximum value at minimum cost.

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