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The Bellybutton Factory

Length: 56 pages1 minute


Losing things is very common, but how strange would it be to lose your bellybutton?

In the premiere of Doc Colour’s first illustrated children's book, The Bellybutton Factory, such is the case of young Nimbolfix who discovers one morning that his navel is missing. And so his bizarre search begins, but Nimbolfix could never have foreseen that such an outlandish predicament would ultimately bring him face to face with Miss Ironseed, the lady in charge of The Bellybutton Factory. But one must be careful for what they ask for because, as Nimbolfix experiences, things can take a wild turn, leaving one to learn what to truly appreciate in life.

Set in a whimsical and humorous world, the story’s clever stanzas are wonderfully complimented by Colour’s bold and unusual illustrative style. The Bellybutton Factory is a witty and thoughtful story: fully illustrated, fully rhyming, and fully imaginative. You will Fully enjoy it!

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