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The Magical Forest (Werewolf Romance)

Length: 227 pages3 hours


As gatekeepers of the Magical Forest, it had been their job to remain near to the Forest and to keep an eye out to ensure that the glow which emanated from the Sword of Truth which signaled that the forest was protected continued to burn brightly. The glow had been there for over four hundred years, and generation after generation of gatekeepers had watched it burn. Now all of that had changed, the glow was fading, and there was a chance that the creatures that lived in the Magical Forest would soon be able to escape, as gatekeepers, they couldn't let that happen - if they did it could mean the end of the world as mankind knew it.
Anishea, an overly protected princess among the keepers of the gate finds herself numbered among an elite group of warriors who accept the challenge to enter the Magical Forest, face the creatures that dwell there and secure the Sword of Truth. The mission seems impossible and the group must face supernatural adversaries along the way - and Anishea must face her greatest challenge yet, love.

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