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Mrs Osbourne Regrets

Length: 108 pages1 hour


Diana Osbourne has everything a 1950s housewife could want - a beautiful house in Chelsea, a seemingly happy marriage to an MP and two teenage daughters. Her life is thrown into turmoil when Charles, her husband, is arrested after being caught with rent boys. Diana’s perfect world suddenly is blown apart when she finds herself shunned by her social circle and driven out of her home by the press. Exiled to the home of one of her only remaining friends, she becomes close to George McNamara, a builder who is working on the house. Diana has to face up to a world that is changing around her and finds herself longing to have some fun for the first time in her life. Her happiness is short lived however when she is given an ultimatum - return to Charles and her stifling former existence or risk losing Daphne, her beloved oldest daughter.

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