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Bisexual Men

Length: 149 pages2 hours


Bisexual men are everywhere—haven’t you read about it yet? These fifteen tales celebrate the sexy adventures by men who really do go both ways. Bisexual men love getting down and dirty, whether it is in a fetish club or at a wedding reception. They love soft feminine curves and hard masculine muscles—as long as the action is hot, nothing will spoil the fun to be had!

Bisexual men love getting together for group fun. In ‘My Three Musketeers,’ a trio of computer salesmen do everything together, until one of them gets a girlfriend who upsets the balance. The only way to put things right is a sexual adventure where everyone is sore and happy by the end.

Not all bisexual men in these stories are new to loving men. Some, like the hero of ‘I’ve found my man’ is on an ongoing quest to find the third party to complete their otherwise conventional relationship. He is literally gagging for cock, so he’s overjoyed when he finds it in an unexpected location. In ‘You just had to ask,’ a married couple have an arrangement where the husband is free to visit gay fetish clubs as long as he tells his wife all the naughty details.

Bisexual men have existed throughout history. There are Gothic encounters in Victorian London where a man meets the infamous Jekyll and Hyde. The hero of that tale leans that delight and danger lies in the dark sexual needs of another man. In ‘Out of the shadows,’ a hunter discovers more than he bargained for whilst on an expedition with his manservant and best friend.

Bisexual men are getting down and dirty wherever you look. Read Bisexual men, and see how much fun they’re having right now!

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