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Wicca: The Elements and Magick

Length: 186 pages1 hour


The Ultimate Reference & Learning Guide for Natural Witchery
In depth and current overview of Magick for the Natural Wiccan Way!

Wicca or witchcraft is the study of natural magic and its uses, employing the natural
forces. Magic is practiced using any or all of the following: symbolism (eg: candles to
represent the element of fire), natural elements (fire, salt, crystals, herbs) and incantation
(calling upon spirits/gods/goddesses). The natural witch knows the importance of preserving harmony in nature. With Natural Magick there is no need to perform elaborate rituals or ceremonies for desired results; one can get the same results using natural ways.

The author has created a simple guide for those who like to practice their magick in this manner. She offers ways to visualize and chant, as well as, creating potions and oils for spells. Using stones, herbs, trees and the weather, one can be a Natural Witch using Natural Magick. Connecting Ritual Magick and Natural Magick, Benson looks
at ways to use the Moon and colors for creating spells.

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