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There Once Was a Boy

Length: 340 pages5 hours


This dark story of youth and obsession leads readers into a world of wealth, glamour, and supernatural terror. Kurtis and Delia James have everything two teenage siblings could possibly desire: they are smart, rich, and attractive. Everything is perfect until they move to their family’s new summer home and meet their neighbors. Kurtis soon becomes friends with their new neighbor Caleb, and their lives turn into a nightmare.

Caleb, is obsessed with Delia and will not rest until he possesses her. While he professes friendship with Kurtis, he intends to use him to make Delia his own. Kurtis, who has unique and unearthly qualities, is the only person who can deter Caleb and protect Delia. With raw intensity that will unnerve even the most stoic of readers, Caleb’s driven obsession seems without limit—and soon Kurtis is struggling for both his sanity, and his life.

Caleb becomes a dark and fanatical tormenter and Delia soon realizes their relationship is not about love—it is about possession. It is also about survival for her and for Kurtis. Her struggle to release the two of them from Caleb’s maniacal control could lead to death and destruction.

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