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Lucky Reuben's Seasons in Hell

Length: 353 pages5 hours


The tale of an innocent, naïve, and romantic Amish lad who shunns his pacifist exemption to enlist in the US Navy only to be made a medical corpsman attached to Marine in combat units. Medical corpsmen had the highest death rate in Vietnam. The first part is of his Amish youth with scenes such as his mother's death when eleven years old on Christmas Eve, an Amish funeral, an Amish church service and farm scenes and being sent away from home to be a farmhand when fourteen . The second part is not always pleasant as there was utter horror in Vietnam. No matter which calendar season it was always a Hell season. The Vietnam scenes are disturbing yet it is merely what was going on. In lieu of whining Reuben feels lucky to have learned that he is not a coward and the experience is rich in that it could not have been got on a university campus. The gist is that it is a yarn of life delight in lieu of life fright.
There are also playful essays, many jokes, ribaldry, and a lot of things that the tender minded and correct thinking shall find outrageous and blasphemous.
A prevalent them is captured in: “In the end we shall understand the people to whom we are most grateful are those that made our lives difficult.” -Dhammapadan Dogen, A Ladang of Bali. A ladang is a healer. The Balinese have no word for art as life is art.

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