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Book of the Archangels Book 3

Length: 70 pages1 hour


The prophet of the Last Days, Dallas Taylor, will experience some of the most trying times of his life in this book. First, he will be given a dream by the Lord that will affect his entire family. What could possibly be in this dream? You know how people are when they hear that someone has something that they don't have? That is right. They think of ways to rob that person. Will Dallas encounter these robbers or can Stephael take care of the problem? Are angels coming and going to earth all of the time, or is there something we don't know about? Dallas has wanted to move to Israel as long as he can remember. Now he and the family have made the move and the Archangel Michael will watch over him. I still have the job to protect Dallas, which means there are at least two archangels protecting him. All of the things listed above are in this book and more. It's time to ride again. Buckle your seat belts. We are ready to leave.

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