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High Flying Love

Length: 185 pages2 hours


It's Jake Eagle's first day on the job as a tribal policeman at Walker River
Reservation. So how does it happen that he ends up in jail? Put there by just
one encounter with feisty red-haired, wrench-wielding stunt pilot, Samantha
Edwards. Jake wears his Native American ancestry like a dare. He's handsome.
Wild. He's Paiute proud. She's bold and fearless with high flying ambitions.
Maybe Jake's wrong to try and mix their two worlds. Maybe it's best if he stays
away from the city and the airport -- most of all, stays away from Sam.

"I spent the night beginning High Flying Love and became completely involved. I finally put the book down at 2 a.m. and was devastated to do so." by Nancy Leake, Romantic Ink Magazine

Tribal policeman Jake Moon has enough troubles on his plate, without asking for help from a red-haired, curvaceous stunt pilot named Sam—short for Samantha. Jake’s Piaute ancestors called pale-faces like her cannibals, and he’s not all that certain he’s going to escape being burned alive by the instant attraction that heats between them. Does that mean Sam’s going to let Jake use her plane to go after some two-bit burglars? No way. Sparks fly from the first page to the last in this Golden Heart finalist for Best Short Contemporary Romance. First published in Australia, HIGH FLYING LOVE is now available as an e-book!

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