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Death At An Apartment and Fish Food (Combined Edition)

Length: 25 pages15 minutes


Please note that you can buy the entire collection in Death Days 1: The Collection. There is also a second collection of four more stories available.

Death Days Series #1 and #2
With people being so annoying its just so hard to hold back that willful little killing urge. The unnamed man has just such an urge and he's ready and willing to scratch it.

In the first story we met the world's favorite killer as he finds himself in quite a predicament with a foolish apartment owner and a hacksaw covered in blood. Situations unfold such that he must enjoy the pleasures of chopping flesh, but note before enjoying stalking his prey to the fullest.

"Filthy horror with more human drama and comedy than you can throw a stick at."

In the second story of this great double banger, we see our deathly hero on holiday. What does a killer like to do when he's in Hawaii? Well, relax, of course. Unfortunately, his boisterous Chinese neighbors just won't let him take a break and with a week of no sleep, no kill, no fun, he's ready to carve them into tiny little pieces. Add a boat to the mix and you have a perfect recipe for a seaside voyage to the land of death.

"A hellish hurricane of laughs and close calls. Definitive non-family entertainment."

Please note that the individual titles for these stories are Death Days: Day 1 and Death Days: Day 2.

Also, I highly recommend checking out my Horror Series, which already has one collection online and more coming. (4 stories per collection)

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