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The Collection Agency and Neighborhood Watch (Combined Edition)

Length: 31 pages18 minutes


If you are interested in reading all three stories that fit into this series, you can find them in Enforcer: The Collection.

Enforcer 1: The Collection Agency
Vinny is in for the chase of his life as his mark turns out to be more than a match for his little team. Vinny is going to have to work hard to stay alive this time with gun toting students, the mark from hell, and more making this the hardest job of Vinny's life. 'Death via AK47' is the phrase of the day in this smoky mafia carnival of violence.


Enforcer 2: Neighborhood Watch
Protect the neighborhood? Drug
dealers, rapists, crime bosses and more await the gang, but Vinny has
worse problems: Someone has sent the cold assassin Judas to take him
down and its going to be the bloodiest battle of Vinny's life. The
action is burning hot and the odds insurmountable. Death awaits one of
them and Judas holds a secret that will change Vinny's life. Mob
violence at its best.

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