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Blade and Death Knight (Combined Edition)

Length: 20 pages12 minutes


This file contains two stories. If you are interested in reading them with other collections of work, you can find Blade in the Mage: The Collection and Death Knight Reborn in The Ninja Collection (Each have 4 other stories included.)

Jonis is a thief and tonight he's out doing his business. He's been contracting to steal a particular sword, but finds himself at the mercy of a strange human. Things progress and a battle breaks out. Unfortunately, Jonis has a secret that will make fighting back a problem. The result will be a significant change in one combatant's life.

About 1500 words total.


Death Knight Reborn
The monster of all monsters faces off with the mightiest of those who have forsaken light for the burning hate of the never-ending dark. In a battle that tears and rends thousands and thousands of the darkness's minions the one who came for a reason will leave with what he seeks.

This story is about 1500 words.

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