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Daddy's Little Doll

Length: 25 pages21 minutes


When Kitten caught her stepbrother Billy and her mother together, she decides to tell her stepfather Michael about the tryst. She wants to tell not because she is an angel, but because Billy told her as he spanked her with his leather belt, that if she told on him, she will get it ten times worse than what he gave her. Kitten longs to find out what ten times worse from Billy felt like. If what she experienced with him was tame in comparison, then by all means, bring it on. However, when she was alone again with Michael in his library surrounded by the smells of antique mahogany, leather and lust, Kitten forget all about the matter at hand. She had her hands full with Michael.

Hot and steamy from the very beginning, Lola Swain brings you the fourth 6,000-word short story in the bestselling Ties That Bind Chronicles about the lusty Lawsons. Join the Lawson family for a ride that will leave you sated! All characters are eighteen years or older.

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