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The Key

Length: 539 pages8 hours


Earth is a fabled planet long lost to the invading Ta'Reeth. With humanity scattered amongst the stars, there is little hope for survival, much less peace. That is until T'Sula Mir, a Bakeeron woman trained by monks in the ancient fighting arts of her home, is thrust into the heart of the struggle.

The Ta'Reeth are an unstoppable, genetically engineered warrior race bent on total domination. Only a few can stand against them, and even they cannot do so for long.

When terrorists attack, T'Sula has no choice but to face her inner demons and take the fight to the Ta'Reeth. Only she has the ability to unlock the secrets hidden in the shatterd remnants of the past and bring peace to a galaxy ravaged by generations of war.

Join the fight for peace in this high octane Science Fiction action adventure!

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