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Justice Girl: Milk Maid Madness

Length: 21 pages19 minutes


Blonde and beautiful super heroine, Justice Girl, goes after a super villainess, Milk Maid, who kidnaps pretty young women to milk them for her High End dairy shops. She hunts down the wicked super villainess, to discover the true horror of her insidious activities. Will Justice Girl prevail, and end Milk Maid’s insanity? Or with the notorious villainess capture our busty heroine, and add her to her stable of “cows?”

Warning: Explicit sex and violence, bondage, domination, girl-on-girl, super heroine, peril, milking.

This is a story is a novelette of approximately 5400 words. This is a great story if you love stories about super heroine peril and milking.


“Bastards! How dare you!” she cried, and sent a dozen bolts into the men. They cried out and fell bonelessly. Then she sent a second bolt into their leader out of pure spite. “No one captures and milks Justice Girl! How dare you even consider it!”
“We’ll do more than consider doing it, Justice Jugs,” the female voice taunted.
The men were starting to rise to their feet again, a little groggy and a whole lot angrier. Justice Girl arched an eyebrow at them. It took awful tough men to recover so fast from the bolt she sent into them. It wasn’t a light stunner at all. So she prepared to send an even stronger jolt through them when she heard something behind her.
A group of men in storm trooper uniforms burst out of the door behind her. They carried small automatic guns with drum magazines. She immediately jumped straight up and formed a protective bubble of intense electricity around her. The guns spat out their munitions, but didn’t fire with the usual crack of firearms. Their ammo vaporized upon contact with her lightning ball.
“Automatic dart guns,” she said. “Even more useless against my defenses than bullets.”

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