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Demon Hunter and Endless One (The Lands Series 1 + 2)

Length: 49 pages30 minutes


This is a short combination file that contains the first two stories of the 'Lands' series of stories. You can find the collection at by searching for The Demon Hunter Collection, which contains all three stories for a total of 15,500 words.

The Human Lands: Demon Hunter
There's a mystery in this town. A girl has gone missing and there are murders everywhere, but no easy explanations in sight. Zek and Raphael need to find what the evil RIP is up to before it's too late. In a world unknown they will find a hero like no other and fight demons to find the one who is behind the problems of the area. It's a suspenseful fantasy with a ending that will break even the hardest of hearts. "Edgy fantasy with humor and emotion. This is a worthwhile read for any fantasy fan."


The Snake Lands: The Endless One
War, danger and death. A world torn by a war between devil worshipping snakes and the forces of good will throw Zek, Raphael and Set into the fray. Demonic powers will burn the night red as demons walk freely and our heroes are called on to fight for the lives of the people of this world. It's a tale of bravery and heroism beyond anything you have read before. "An all out fightfest that will please fantasy fans who like it rough."

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