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Get Unwrapped!

Length: 123 pages1 hour


Ever wonder - as a Christian - where is the abundant life that Jesus promised? whether it's all a matter of "The Emperor's New Clothes?" or wondered whether God plays favorites because there are some people who just automatically "get it" and those (like you perhaps) who just "don't"?

This book is for you.

Ever try and try and try again to live that abundant life, with trip after trip to the altar to lay it all down again, and fail Every Single Time?

This book is for you, too.

Ever try to change someone in your life? Ever pray and then try to influence the outcome? Ever feel like you're the only one in your church who, if people really got to know you, they'd never have anything to do with you? Ever feel so incredibly weary, like you have the weight of the whole world (or of your whole family) on your shoulders?

Yes, this book is for you.

In "Get Unwrapped!", Judy Gillis pierces through the facades and gets to the root of the matter. She uses her own experience to come alongside and help you get from that place of despair and brokenness that you don't dare show anyone else, and travel the road to wholeness and healing from the inside out.

The journey won't be easy. But if you commit to the path Judy shares with you, it will be worth it.

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