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Ancient Fire

Length: 174 pages2 hours


Aaron and Berina face far reaching challenges in this sequel to PERDITION. Aaron is struck with a debilitating illness that drives him to take a perilous journey with only his friend, Hooker, to accompany him. He has never faced such challenges as he faces now, a whole new cadre of life-threatening adventures and sometimes disappointing enlightenment about the people who brought him and his people to Obrone.

Berina has a dream to learn how to work on the SFTL drives and sets about to do that, only to discover a surprising roadblock in the form of one amorus Kronz. She finds the situation intolerable and the Kronz persistent and downright alarming. Now Aaron is headed off across the giant planet straight into the Ancient Fire, and his chances of survival seem dim indeed. She is torn in two directions, and has no idea the danger she faces that is ahead.

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