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Zombies! Episode 2.0: Knight of the Living Dead

Length: 85 pages1 hour


Todd Mayfield's life was hardly a special one, nor was he a very special person. Then, one day, he was bitten by a zombie. From that moment on, his entire existence was to be forever altered. First there was nothing. He was as mindless as his undead brethren. Then he began to remember. He began to rediscover the person he had once been. And that is when the nightmare truly began.

Daniel and Deanna Johnson are a very ordinary couple living in Bolton, Ontario. They each have very ordinary jobs and spend their evenings having dinner and playing Scrabble with the neighbors. But they, too, harbor secrets. Both are more than they seem. Both are fugitives from the United States government. Because what Denise Luco and Lance Naughton did on the day of the Red Blizzard, bringing a zombie back to life, has forever marked them.

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