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Sex & Gravity

Length: 587 pages9 hours


Snooky Barnes, a used to be musician, former somewhat famous, one-hit-wonder rock and roller, skilled high school physics teacher, and long standing husband, father, and family man has left everything behind and pushed all the chips forward in his game of life, risking it all for a fleeting, illusive dream and a chance at love. Snooky leaves his wife of twenty four years, his two mostly grown kids, and a solid career as a teacher in mid-life crisis mode to go off on a mad pursuit of a beautiful, talented, young singer, Melodica (Mel) he meets in a music club on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. His marriage has turned stale and boring, his passion and love of life have been depleted, so he decides to go for it, and leaves home with his dog Cosmos (Cos) and heads in the direction of New York City to find her.

On the road to NYC, he has a series of wild, scary, touching, ribald adventures with crazy country characters, fast women, angry lawmen, racist locals, music business people, church goers at a black funeral, and a wide and talented array of musicians. He meets up with old band members, and new friends, all the while searching unsuccessfully for the illusive Mel on the way to NYC.

He has a sensational one night stand with a bi-sexual journalist the night before the Obama inauguration. At the event the next day, Cos is lost, and then found by a black family in Washington, who befriends them both. When he finally hooks up with Mel in NYC, he discovers he has lost the girl to a more famous and successful rock musician, James Gravety. But he also discovers by chance that he had been the father of a daughter he never knew about, a daughter with tremendous musical talent, who died at ten. Her mother, an old love from the past, gives him tape of a song she wrote many years earlier, a song that won her a national music competition, a song he promises to make into a stunning song. Through a series of chance happenings, he strikes up an unlikely musical bond with Gravety, the man who got Mel, and through that, things start to happen for him

He almost kills himself and Cos on the road back home, and has to call his wife to save them both from even more trouble. Once home, his wife, Michelle, decides to divorce him and set them both free. Finally things start to go Snooky’s way. He records his one and only past hit, Twists of Fate, on Gravety’s new album, and the music industry suddenly shows interest in his talent. With Gravety’s help, he gets to record his comeback album, which features his expanded version of MoJoMotion, the song left for him by his departed daughter. The album and the song are a hit, with the song winning a Grammy. Snooky’s tour after the album’s release is a great success, with a culminating concert in his home town

He and Michelle are divorced, and soon she is the one with a new love in her life, and becomes engaged to a handsome young doctor. Snooky gives her away at the marriage ceremony and plays at the reception. In the end, both Snooky and Michelle benefit from another chance at love and life, and both of their kids become involved in Snooky’s career. Snooky doesn’t get the girl, but through his own “Twist of Fate” he discovers who he really is, and what he needs to do with is life: make music, and live life authentically.

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