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The War Dames

Length: 280 pages4 hours


The War Dames is an American story about an era in history, not unlike the present, where love of country and its preservation are well worth defending. It’s a novel about women ahead of their time who made provocative choices that effected generations to come.
It’s August 1942 and America is at war. Twenty-five year old Beth Adamson volunteers to be part of the first American Women’s Army Corps, known as the WACs. The War Dames tells the story of one woman’s adventure from boot camp to her assignment with Eisenhower’s North African Campaign and return to civilian life.
Interspersed with historical facts and events of a world at war, the story follows Beth Adamson and four sassy WACs, who learn military life is not for the faint hearted. Adversity looms with a severe commanding officer threatening the women with court martial for insubordination and suspected same sex relationships. Then in exotic Algeria, the women finds themselves in a hot bed of cultural, political and moral diversity illustrated by some of the eccentric characters they meet.
Amid turmoil and adversity, Beth finds romance with the man of her dreams while one of her buddy's encounters it with a woman and another with the enemy.
Sharing a common bond of patriotic verve and a desire for personal fulfillment, the young women, with humor and pathos, come of age as friends, soldiers and lovers to people they meet along the way.

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