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Two For Love (2 Romantic Stories)

Length: 40 pages25 minutes


If you are interested in reading these two stories with other similar themed stories, you can find them in The Romance Collection.

Love and Roses: Love is in the Garden
Jose has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle. A beautiful woman he likes is leaving town to marry a man in Mexico. Jose has two choices: Let her go or convince her to stay. Choosing the later, he finds himself involved in a deal to woo the woman of his dreams into marrying him in only three days. Success or failure will depend completely on him in a humorous look at love Mexican style.

Story is about 2800 words


Satan Can't Get A Date
Satan has been informed by his esteemed human resources manager the good chairman Mao that he needs to impregnate a human female as soon as possible if he wishes another anti-Christ to rule the human world in his stead. Unfortunately, Satan hasn't been to Earth for a few 1000 years and things have changed a lot in that time. Enter his loyal servants, Hitler, Stalin and Mao, to help Satan with this most unholy of unholy tasks. In this book you'll find a riot of failures and humor with a twisted ending that will curl you toes in amusement.

Story is about 3600 words

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