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The World Untwining and Welcome to the Weird World (Mage Series)

Length: 26 pages14 minutes


If you are interested in reading the other four stories that fit into this series, you can find them in Mage: The Collection.

Mage 3: The World Untwining
Sinth has lost himself in another world and can't remember the spell to get home. In search of a way out he finds a demon walking the world between worlds. With a short exchange made, Sinth is on his way to hell and the real world - naked! A great read full of humor and funny moments.


Mage 4: Welcome to the Weird World
Sinth has found himself in a world he cannot understand. Living with a old woman who thinks he is an alien and being forced into a competition by his new friends. He finds himself having to use his magic to win possibly the hardest competition of his life.

Titles In Series
- The Accidental Dragon (Mage Series #1)
- The Fire Renewal (Mage Series #2)
- The World Untwining (Mage Series #3)
- Welcome to the Weird World (Mage Series #4)
- Time Guardian (Mage #5)

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