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The Accidental Dragon and Fire Renewal (Mage Series)

Length: 21 pages12 minutes


These two stories are also included in Mage: The Collection (4 stories).

Mage 1: The Accidental Dragon
Sinth has just finished his apprenticeship and has been set free to make his name as a mage. It's his tenth day of freedom and he's in a little trouble. Apparently, the frost spell he cast is about to turn him into a human ice block. How does he respond? Summon the king of dragons, of course. Sinth's worst day on the job is just beginning.


Mage 2: The Fire Renewal
Sinth has found himself with an opportunity he can't refuse. Coming home after a date, he finds he has the wrong bag. However, inside is what he has always wanted: A mage fire amulet. Sinth has always been told he was good for nothing but frost. How will he deal with this temptation? Use it, of course! A fiery entertaining romp with danger unfolds.

# Series Information
# The Accidental Dragon (1# Short Story)
# The Fire Renewal (2# Short Story)
# The Accidental Dragon and The Fire Renewal (Combined Story Pack)
# The World Untwining (3# Short Story)
# Welcome To The Weird World (4# Short Story)
# The World Untwining and Welcome To The Weird World (Combined Story Pack)
# The Time Guardian (5# Short Story)
# An Unexpected Dinner (Promotional Short Story)
# Taming The Phoenix (#6 Novella)

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