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Length: 394 pages5 hours


In the desert land of Turuna, every child possesses powerful magic, and only an ancient treaty prevents the clans from recruiting them as soldiers. Now, rumors swirl that an artifact has appeared that grants childlike magic to an adult, and some clans will stop at nothing to seize its power.

In the tiny Ahjea clan, Butu has had no time to listen to rumors. His childhood sweetheart has caught the eye of the most powerful man in Turuna. Even worse, his magic has suddenly become unreliable, failing him at the most embarrassing moments. The only good news he's had all day is he's being allowed to join his clan's army despite his youth.

When his squad of young recruits is sent on a mission they can't complete without magic, Butu begins to grow suspicious. It soon becomes clear that if he doesn't figure out the truth and find the artifact first, an all-powerful tyrant will rise up and conquer Turuna.

86,000 words

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