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For the Love of Them

Length: 164 pages2 hours


One wild night. Three hot friends. A night of passion that none of them will ever forget. Emma can't get the images of her naked body entwined with Ethan and Chance's naked bodies out of her head. Her two best friends since she was a child and in a moment of weakness the three of them landed in bed in the most amazing night of sex she ever had. Now instead of facing the consequences she ran out of town as fast as she could.

Years later returning to her home town and facing the two men that she always loved is the scariest thing she has ever done. Hoping to arrive unnoticed will give her time to get her defenses up and prepare her heart for the worse. Little does she know that Ethan and Chance have plans of their own.

Ethan and Chance have been preparing for Emma's return since the day she left. This time neither brother is prepared to let Emma get away again. Will Ethan and Chance have the offense to take down Emma's defenses? Will they be able to win her heart once and for all? Will Emma be able to handle the heat when she realizes that Chance and Ethan are playing for keeps?

Warning: This novel contains fiery, steamy, sex with two hot cowboys and one sassy lady that will set the sheets on fire.

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