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The Assyrian

Length: 820 pages16 hours


Summary and Reviews of
The Assyrian
by Nicholas Guild

Set in the 7th Century B.C., The Assyrian is the story of Tiglath Ashur, a minor prince of the royal house of Ashur. The child of a Greek concubine, he spends his childhood in King Sennacherib’s house of women, where his closest friend is his half-brother Esarhaddon and he first encounters the great love of his life, his cousin Esharhamat. Both Tiglath and Esarhaddon dream of becoming soldiers, but one of them is destined to be king and marry Esharhamat. It is a destiny which drives the brothers, even against their will, into bitter rivalry.

The Assyrian captures all the pageantry, passion and cruelty of the ancient world. It is a story of love, war and empire. It is the human face of a remote past.

What others have said about Nicholas Guild’s The Assyrian:

Publishers Weekly
Guild (The Berlin Warning) masterfully describes court intrigues and the feverish panorama of the battlefield, but the book’s abundant merit lies in its timelessness and universality. This story of a passionately moral man torn among amorous longings, the seductiveness of power, fraternal emotion and cognizance of his nation’s welfare holds many contemporary implications.

Kirkus Reviews
Starred Review
Guild, previously a crafter of sturdy political thrillers (Chain Reaction, the Berlin Warning, The Linz Tattoo) here switches genres to surpass himself in a stunning historical epic—the life and loves of a young Assyrian prince—that teems with violence, sex, and period detail. . . Tiglath makes a splendid centerpiece for Guild’s rich rendering of Assyrian life. All in all: an exciting, full-blooded epic peopled with dozens of memorable characters.

Amazon Customer Reviews
4+ Stars (26 reviews)
“This story is one that does far more than give an entertaining, deep, beautiful story, though it does that hands down. It also gives more than a better idea of what the Assyrian people were like than any other book will ever give you. This story is about everything that makes us human; the loyalty, betrayals, love, pain, sorrow, and so much more. It makes you understand exactly what power can do, the lives it can ruin. It is complex, involved, and once you start reading it, you'll be up till two in the morning.”

“I absolutely loved this book. I was hooked from the very first page and I couldn't put it down.”

“I never read a better book in my life.”

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