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Daniel Boyle has been a successful scriptwriter for over twenty years. His original television films include "Leaving' 'A View Of Harry Clark' 'Meat' and 'Bait'. He wrote twelve episodes of the hit series 'Hamish Macbeth' staring Robert Carlyle, and in the crime genre he has written five episodes of 'Inspector Morse', and episodes of 'Murder Rooms' 'Lewis' and 'Taggart'. He has also adapted two of the acclaimed 'Rebus' novels by Ian Rankin for television.

John Paris PI is Daniel Boyle's own original creation and in this first story Paris is hired to protect the beautiful Miriam Rowper, who has been subject to death threats. But it soon becomes apparent to Paris that the real threat to Miriam, comes from her psychopathic husband Aldis. The trouble is, Paris cannot go to the police with what he knows about Aldis, for fear of incriminating his own brother, police sergeant Frank Paris. And so it boils down to a struggle between Paris and Aldis and the outcome, it would seem, will determine whether Miriam lives or dies.

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