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Cinderella's Secret Diary 1659

Length: 115 pages1 hour


Although the legendary Cinderella has given hope and inspiration to many girls throughout the ages and around the world, one cannot overlook the high price we pay when we attempt to fit ourselves into the fairy tale mold. The truth finally is revealed. Her diary tells all.
Cinderella, like so many women, is confronted with many difficulties, and even breakdowns. Her life with Prince Charming is no piece of cake.
Then, in one sleepless night, driven by her greatest pain, she has an epiphany—a burst of understanding that tells her perhaps the angst in her life exists due only to her perspective; it may well be her resistance which creates conflict and injury. Cinderella realizes she holds the power over her life, love, and peace—in her own hands.
She realizes triumph in her life will not be complete until she brings ‘Happily Ever After’ to reality, through her own efforts.

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