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Get R.E.A.L! About Low Self-Esteem: How to Be Bold, Fearless, and Confident In Who You Really Are

Length: 96 pages1 hour


In Get R.E.A.L.! About Low Self Esteem: How to Be Bold, Fearless, and Confident in Who You Really Are, you’ll get the tools you need to:

•Feel great about yourself and radiate confidence and beauty to everyone you meet.
• Do more, step out, take risks, and no longer be deathly afraid of what other people will think about you.

•Get a deep understating who you are, why you existing, and why you’re special

•Enjoy better relationships (romantic or otherwise) with people, because you are no longer insecure, fearful, easily hurt, or afraid.

Jennifer Sarpong is the founder of the top-ranked website which has improved he confidence and self image of women and girls worldwide.

Testimonials from Other Readers Just Like You

"This book is very encouraging and helpful, and also fun to read. Not only does it teach you about what self-esteem is, it helps you to identify the heart of the problem, and provides very doable steps to make the progress you need to on your personal journey."

“I like how it made me feel special”

“...really helped me make changes.”

Get REAL! About Low Self Esteem is full of powerful reflection questions, honest answers and the inspiring stories to help you overcome fear and low self worth and gain true, lasting confidence.

If you've ever secretly felt unlovable, unworthy, or insecure around other people, then Get REAL! About Low Self Esteem is for you.

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