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The Riddle of Storien-Rhudd.

Length: 533 pages9 hours


Following the annihilation of the Darkling Horde at the battle of Malphaers, the plain is at last open, and The Lord Calladhor can now journey east to seek out the key to the Riddle of Storien-Rhudd, carved upon the mighty stone tablet in the Dragon Eyrie of the same name, which, if solved, will allow his Dragon allies to regain their true form.
It would seem to be a quest lacking in any great peril, even though the secret valley wherein the key to the riddle may exist is many leagues distant.
Calladhor is aware that, in spite of the recent defeat of the Forces of The Darkness; the dreadful, Dark Entity, Baelar will not rest until "The Light" is extinguished, and all is thrust back into Chaos. Always, the Dark Lord lies ready to engulf the land. Always, he probes for some weakness.
Even with this knowledge firm in his mind; Calladhor cannot prepare himself for the dreadfulness that he will encounter, as he journeys deep into the ruined land that was once, the Kingdom of Astalan.

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